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Every Event is Unique

We are so excited to finally be able to offer flexible options to our clients.

Every event is different. Guest count, time of year, colors, budget, rentals needed, size of arrangements, and priorities of design are just a few of the variables for Floral Designers. Which makes having packages difficult and example images of packages impossible without boxing our clients in to a specific design. We love creating a unique design for each client. No two events are the same with us. 

It seemed impossible to create packages that would be flexible enough for our clients' individual needs. We decided to focus on colors and style of the event instead of exact flowers as many farms around the world suffered great losses last year and it is impossible to guarantee exact flower types at a decent price currently. 

Example: We cannot guarantee we will get Juliet Roses, but we will maintain the color and style with another rose. If you don't get what that means, don't worry about it. The only people who notice these difference are usually florists or botanists. 

These packages are designed to be flexible and provide the services our clients love and have come to expect from Tulips Up LLC. 

  • Free Delivery, Set-up, and Pick-up of  Tulips Up items from event location(s)

  • No labor fees

  • No charge for design toolsCombs, pins, magnets, ribbon, wire, tape, corsage bands, glue, glitter, paint, vinyl, zip ties, fasteners, etc.

  • Floral rentals at huge discounts! Arches, hedge wall, signs, variety of centerpiece stands and bases, candles, lanterns, terrariums, signs, easels, table numbers, chiffon drapery fabric, etc. 

  • Free event design consultations Use our convenient Booking Tool to schedule free phone and video consultations to your availability. It's rare that our clients know exactly what they need. We can help. Mock-ups of arrangements also available for an additional fee.  

*See "Service Contract" for details.

*10% deposit required to reserve your date. First come, first serve.

Classic $2000

  • 200 Feature and Accent Flowers​

  • 200 Greenery

    • Example

      • Seeded Eucalyptus-most popular​

  • $200 details credit for Tulips Up rental items

  • up to 2 location drop off, set-up, and pick-up of Tulips Up items

  •  Floral Design Tools and Detail Items​

*Best for a Classic Event with 150 or less guest count.

Premium $3000

​Savings of about $1000 in florals

  • 300 Feature and Accent Flowers​

  • 300 Greenery

    • Example

      • Italian Ruscus-true green and leafy, another popular choice​

  • $300 details credit for Tulips Up rental items

  • Up to 3 location drop off, set-up, and pick-up of Tulips Up items

*Most popular choice for events under 150 guest count that want a "wow factor"

-and those who have a guest count of 250 or less

More packages available

$1000 Budget Package

-we have a lot of simple options here

  • 100 Feature and Accent Flowers

  • 100 Greenery

  • $100 Rental Credit

  • 1 drop-off and pick-up location

$4000 Platinum Package 

  • 500 Feature and Accent Flowers

  • 400 Greenery

  • $400 Rental Credit

  • Up to 3 locations

$5000 Diamond Package (best savings)

  • 1000 Feature and Accent Flowers

  • 500 Greenery

  • $500 Rental Credit 

  • Locations: We're pretty much going to meet you wherever you want within reason.

Extra ​

  • Specialty Flowers: such as out-of-season 

  • large floral installations

*These recommendations are based on past whole event designs. Your design specifications may be different. We can help figure out what package is best for your event with options tailored to you.

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